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French furniture boutique opens in Beirut
TEC Interior Design brings Mis En Demeure
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TEC Group International, a local design, construction, and contracting company, is now the exclusive agent and franchisee of Mis En Demeure, a high-end French furniture and accessories brand. The inauguration of the store will take place on February 27.

The local boutique is located on Foch Street and features 650 square meters of home ware.

TEC Group was established in the Middle East in 2004 by Chahrazad Rizk, CEO. It expanded in 2009 with the launch of TEC Interiors: A specialist interior design and building service for commercial, retail, hospitality and residential clients. TEC Interiors has branches in Beirut, UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Switzerland (Geneva), and Qatar (Doha).

Rola Badran, Office Manager at TEC Group, said it is a good time to invest in a similar concept in the local market. “The brand caters to a specific clientele, and is renowned for its high-end quality at a very reasonable price.” The brand will have only one boutique locally.

According to Badran, TEC Interiors will be franchising the Mis En Demeure brand throughout the Middle East. “We will be opening soon in Saudi Arabia and in London.”

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Feb 24, 2014
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