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Batroun to host digital zone
Project draft law awaiting approval
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A special economic zone is being prepared for the city of Batroun. The Maronite League has been working on the project since last year. A preliminary feasibility study has been undertaken for the project.

The Batroun Maronite Diocese had earlier expressed its willingness to cooperate with the Maronite League and participate in the project. “The Maronite Diocese will be offering the largest stretch of land it has in the middle of Batroun to establish the zone,” said its chairman, Joseph Torbey.

Boutros Harb, Minister of Telecommunications and Member of Parliament for Batroun said that the zone might be located in Kfarhay, under the St. Jean Monastery. “We will be pushing forward towards the realization of the project, for the boost it will bring to the region.”

The project targets ‘clean industries’, including businesses specialized in ICT. “We aim to retain local talent by providing innovative space for work and productivity,” said Torbey. The district will also offer good opportunities for investors to invest in the local market.

Businesses within the zone will benefit from special services, facilities, high-tech infrastructure, and incentives, such as tax exemptions and discounts on NSSF subscriptions for employees.

“The official kick off of works in the zone will be set after Parliament’s approval of the draft law for the project,” said Torbey.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Mar 07, 2014
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