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New construction equipment factory in Saida
Al-Nahda invests
$20 million to meet export needs
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Al-Nahda Industrial Factory, manufacturer of construction equipment under the Staunch Machinery brand, will open a new plant in Ghaziyeh. Hamza Hijazi, Partner at Al- Nahda Industrial Factory, said: “The expansion is to meet demand from international markets and to come up with a new line of products.”

The27,000 square meter factory, double its current size, is expected to start operating in two years
The cost of investment in the new factory is estimated at $20 million including the cost of land, construction and machinery. It will double the production. It is expected to create about 300 jobs.

The new factory will manufacture power generators and forklifts. Al-Nahda already manufactures a wide range of concrete vibrators, finishers, and mixers, in addition to power tools. It also provides more than 300 items that cover most construction activities. The production exceeds $100 million annually.

The company manufactures about 30 percent of its products. The rest are manufactured, according to Al-Nahda’s specifications, under the Staunch brand name in foreign-based factories. Al-Nahda Company has three other factories: China, Turkey, and India, as well as 67 offices worldwide, including warehouses, point of sales, and maintenance departments.

Al-Nahda exports about 90 percent of its products to international markets, mainly to Africa.
The company will also open a new 9,000 square meter showroom in Saida next month.

Al-Nahda Industrial factory was established in 1979 by Moustafa Hijazi.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Apr 08, 2014
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