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Cabinet appoints five new governors
First-time governors for Akkar
and Baalbeck
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The Council of Ministers approved on May 2 the appointment of five new governors. Ziad Elias Chebib is the new governor of Beirut, replacing Nassif Qaloush. Chebib’s mandate is six years. He is a judge at the legislation and consultation committee at the Ministry of Justice.

Fouad Fleilfel became governor of Mount Lebanon. He is an engineer with a long working history with the public sector. He is Director of the Consumer Protection Directorate at the Ministry of Economy and Trade. He has been Acting General Director at the ministry since 2005.

Ramzi Nohra was appointed governor of the North. He has been a judge at the Court of Accounts at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.

Imad Labaki became governor of Akkar. He is a former mayor of the municipality of Baabdat. Bachir Khodr became governor of Baalbeck-Hermel. This is the first time that these two newly formed governorates have fully dedicated governors.

Mansour Daou was appointed as governor of the South a few weeks back. Governors Mahmoud Maoula and Antoine Sleiman remain at their post in Nabatieh and the Bekaa.

Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: May 05, 2014
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