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Tourism syndicates oppose more levies
Parliament intends to tax further touristic establishments, tickets,
and alcohol
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The Association of Tourism Syndicates opposed taxes that may be imposed on touristic establishments, travel tickets, and alcoholic beverages.

During last week’s parliamentary session, new taxes were approved on a number of tourism-related products and services. The vote was not final, as it was part of the salary scale draft bill, still being discussed. The Parliament is expected to continue its deliberations on this issue next week.

The union requested that the decision be reconsidered because of its dangerous impact on the sector.

Jean Abboud, Chairman of the Travel Agencies Syndicate, said that increasing these taxes figured earlier during the 2013 public budget, which has not passed. “We had opposed tax increases before the parliamentary tourism committee, and we will keep on doing so until the meeting of the parliamentary committee on May 27,” he said. 

Pierre Ackhar, Chairman of the Association of Tourism Syndicates, said that funding the salary scale at the expense of the tourism sector is totally rejected because it does not take into consideration the present condition of the sector.

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: May 21, 2014
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