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Wellness hotel in Bhersaf
Zenotel hotel opened by
Gemayel family
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A new wellness hotel, Zenotel, is intended to soft-open in Bhersaf, Metn area, on the 5th of July. The project’s grand opening is expected for September.

The hotel is owned by three sisters: Sabine, Dominique, and Yassmine Gemayel, daughters of Louis Gemayel, who owns the Longue Vie elderly retreat centre in the same area.

Zenotel has 26 rooms. The space of each room is 25 m2. The four-floor hotel includes: three above-ground floors, one at entry level, and one underground floor.

It has a number of amenities, including a spa and pool.

The hotel offers a rack rate of $99 per night, for two, with breakfast.

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Jun 04, 2014
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