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Aley to boost its souks
Restaurants, hotels, and malls underway
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“Aley is preparing to boost tourism and bring back its former glory,” said Samir Chehayeb, President of the Aley Traders Association (ATA).

The town has launched a strategic plan to renovate its infrastructure and restore its streets. The plan is executed in collaboration with the Municipality of Aley. The required funding will be covered by the municipality and the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works.

“Aley has all the elements to be attractive to tourists,” he said. More than five restaurants have reopened their doors this season, including Petit Café and Papaya. According to Chehayeb more restaurants will be launched.

“With the opening of Hotel Tanios which also includes a mall and the Aley Center by next year, the town is expecting more visitors.”

Aley Center, an eight-floor structure, will bring a mix of retail, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Its Gross Leasing Area is 13,200 m2. It is owned by the Kuwait-based Al Kharafi Group. The TSC supermarket chain is expected to be an anchor tenant.

Hotel Tanios, a refurbished hotel from the late 1950s, will also have shopping outlets.

The ATA is also working on supporting and helping smaller enterprises to be able to compete and sustain. Chehayeb said that ATA has launched a shopping card with privileges and discounts of up to 30 percent. The ATA also worked in collaboration with several banks to provide traders with loan facilities to develop their business. “We are currently working on issuing a touristic, industrial, and retail guide where all business owners will be listed,” he said.

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Aug 25, 2014
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