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A central factory for Chamsine Bakery
To nourish the wholesale market
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Chamsine Bakery is planning a new central factory on the Damour Highway. “It will consolidate the various manufacturing outlets scattered throughout the regions,” said Issa Al Kadiri, the company’s General Manager.

The new facility will be dedicated to produce Arabic and French bread, as well as bread sticks. It is intended for the wholesale market. “There are plans also to open a factory for croissant in the future,” he said.

The cost of investment in the project will exceed $10 million including the price of land, construction, and equipment. The project will be comprised of two blocks, two floors each. The built up area of the first block is 1,800 square meters (m2). The second block will be 750 square meters.

The small factories that do not have retail points-of-sale will be closed. The employees in these factories will be working at the new facility.

The central factory will include ten production lines for producing bread.

The products are distributed in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, the Bekaa, and the South.

Chamsine has factories in Tyr, Halat, Khalde, and Bekaa, as well as several retail outlets.

Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2014
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