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Family Medical Center opens in Zgharta
$20 million invested for 120 beds
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Family Medical Center (FMC), a new hospital located in Zgharta, will open officially in late September.

The 12,500 square meter center cost $20 million in investments. It will consist of five floors, fully furnished high-tech medical equipment and 120 beds. “The standards adopted for building the hospital are similar to those for five-star hotels,” said Dr. Kayssar Mawad , CEO and co-owner.

Dr. Kayssar said that FMC will be a general hospital providing all medical services except heart surgeries. The center will cooperate with Tripoli Hospital to provide its patients with this service.

“The main reason behind opening the hospital--although there is Centre Hospitalier du Nord and Hospital Saydet Zgharta in the same region-- is to enhance the quality of medical services offered to patients.”

The hospital will create about 250 jobs initially and 400 within one year. About 90 physicians will be working at FMC.

Medical service costs will be affordable to all patients, according to Dr. Kayssar. “The costs adopted are similar to those of official insurance institutions.”

FMC signed contracts with some private insurance companies, and the security forces. A contract will be signed with the Ministry of Public Health and the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), within the coming weeks.

Josiane Mawad and Habib Chidiac co-own FMC with Dr. Kayssar.

Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 09, 2014
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