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Olá Rio! 3-year visas to Brazil now possible
Bilateral agreement to boost tourism
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The foreign affairs ministries of Lebanon and Brazil signed an agreement, today, to improve mutual tourism.

Lebanese citizens may now acquire three-year, multiple entry, and renewable visas to Brazil. Visa types include business and tourism and allow for up to 90 days of residence per visit, and an overall 180 days of residence, per year.

Jean Abboud, President of the Association of Tourism and Travel Agencies, said that this agreement will have a great impact on Lebanese willing to visit Brazil. “Lebanese used to face burdens while applying for the Brazilian visa, including the requests of Brazilian guarantor, which was time consuming.”

Brazilians will also benefit from the same conditions, when visiting Lebanon. This initiative targets expatriates living in Brazil, encouraging them to visit home more often. The August 2014 Statistical Report of the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) said that only 5,300 Brazilian tourists visited the country from June to August. The Lebanese population in Brazil is estimated at between seven and ten million.

The MOT is attempting to draw young tourists and third generation expats, around the world. The ministry will give special attention to countries with high expat rates, like Brazil. “This agreement will help, but cannot assume yet to what extent,” said Abboud.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Oct 07, 2014
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