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Samer Chehlaoui
launches Divvy
New restaurant concept based on food sharing
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Restaurateur Samer Chehlaoui launched his new concept Divvy in Mar Mikhael, last October.

As the name says, the new eatery is built around the concept of sharing. “It is a place where friends and groups can meet to share meals and favorite foods,” said Hady Chehlaoui, Marketing, Communication, and Customer Service Manager.

Mar Mikhael is very welcoming towards new concepts, thanks to its mix of visitors, said Chehlaoui. The restaurant offers international cuisine in a 320 square meter indoor/outdoor dining area that seats 120.

Samer Chehlaoui invested $900,000 in the restaurant, owned by his new company, Schmid Holding. He established a year after severing ties with his partner in the restaurant chains Roadster Diner and Deek Duke. Donald Daccache acquired the shares in a deal estimated at $18 million.

Additional Divvy outlets will open locally, in 2015 and potentially abroad, in the future. “We are studying opportunities in the region and in Europe to develop Divvy and other concepts that are in the pipeline,” Chehlaoui said.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Nov 03, 2014
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