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Surgical tape factory expands in Koura
To meet mounting demand
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The New Lebanon Pharm Medical (NLPM) Company, a manufacturer of surgical tape, has opened a new facility in Barsa, Koura.

Abdul Nasser Jneid, General Manager, said: “The reason behind this expansion is to increase production capacity and meet increasing demand in the local and regional markets.”

Investments in the new project reached $1 million. The total built-up area of the facility reached 1,000 square meters. Jneid said that the company relocated its 250 m2 factory from Tripoli to Koura.

NLPM, which supplies hospitals and pharmacies, had a total production capacity of 750,000 m2 of surgical tape, until November 2014. It produces four types of tape from polyethylene, silk, fixation and nonwoven, using fully automated machinery. “The company registers eight percent of growth, annually,” said Jneid.

NLPM’s local market share reached 37 percent. “We face fierce competition from the global brand 3M,” said Jneid. The company exports to Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Qatar.

Jneid said NLPM won a tender to provide Qatar’s Ministry of Defense with surgical tape for three consecutive years.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Nov 06, 2014
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