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Heaven's Land in Kesrouan
Entertainment park first phase to be
completed next year
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Construction will soon start on Heaven’s Land, a multi-purpose entertainment park and venue, leased from the Mar Doumit’s Waqf between Bouar, Fatqa, and Ghodras.

“Investment in the project is more than $35 million,” said Rony Bou Tayeh, Sales and Marketing Manager of Heaven’s Land.

The 600,000 square meter project will consist of entertainment facilities and rides, according to Bou Tayeh. It will include a resort with bungalows, restaurants and shopping outlets, a kindergarten, a wedding venue and a section dedicated to team building activities.

According to co-owner Bachir Mayne, the company wanted to launch and invest in a new type of business. “This concept has no competition in Lebanon, and we want to be pioneers in this domain.”

Brothers Bachir and Rami Mayne also own the Golden Gulf Hotel in Jounieh and the Bakery House franchise. They are also the founders of Mayne Group, a local real estate firm.

The project will open incrementally in three phases, during the next four years. “Next year, we will inaugurate the wedding venue, and the rest will follow,” Bou Tayeh said.

Mayne said that the project is in the architecture phase and works will begin soon. Mayne Group is handling the design and the contracting. “We are searching for interested investors,” said Mayne. He said his company has already approached IDAL and will present it with the feasibility study.

“We rely on the uniqueness of the idea and on the size and location of the park to succeed.” Mayne has already set the entrance fee, at $20 per person for the day. “In the worst case scenarios, we will be able to break even within two years.”
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Dec 03, 2014
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