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Tamar changes hands to Lancaster from Rotana
Hazmieh hotel to undergo renovation
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The Lancaster hotel management company, part of Achour Holding, acquired the management of Tamar Rotana Hotel in Hazmieh. As of December, the hotel will operate under the name Lancaster Tamar.

The hotel is a four-star property with 155 rooms. A renovation process will debut early next year, said Manal Dana, Group Marketing & Communications Manager at Achour Holding.

Achour Holding has been developing its hospitality business and expanding its portfolio. Beside its hotels chain, it owns and operates restaurants like Caprese and Ward El Cham, in Verdun.

Earlier this year, the company re-opened the renovated Lancaster Plaza, the former Royal Plaza hotel, in Raouché. With Lancaster Tamar, the chain now consists of four outlets. “We are establishing the Lancaster brand in the country, in a first step to expand the chain in the Middle East,” Said Dana. She said that Ashour Holding continuously and routinely trains its staff according to international standards.

Lancaster Tamar is owned by former minister Jean-Louis Cordahi and Nasser El Jaidah, entrepreneur and CEO of Qatar Petroleum International. Samar Chamseddine is Lancaster Tamar’s General Manager.

The Rotana chain’s two remaining properties here are Raouche Arjaan and Gefinor Rotana. ‘Centro’, a budget hotel line by Rotana was planned for Gemmayzeh, but the project is on hold.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Dec 10, 2014
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