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Water gallon factory opened in Zahleh
Pure Plast production to reach 40,000 units
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Pure Plast, a factory for manufacturing plastic water gallons and injected preform plastic bottles for dairy products, opened in Zahleh last month.
Youssef Jabali, major shareholder, said: “Demand for these plastic products is growing.”

The factory’s total built-up area in Hawch El Ghanam is 3,000 square meters. The investment in the project is $2 million, including the land price, construction, and equipment. The factory employs six.

The daily production capacity of the factory is 20,000 water containers in sizes ranging between five and 20 liters, each and 20,000 injected preform bottles. Jabali said that the factory would be working at half its capacity during the first six months.

The price of a ton of water containers is $3,200, and a ton of preform bottles is $2,500-$2,800.

Locally, the factory will begin by supplying the Bekaa and later expand to nationwide distribution.

Pure Plast exports part of its production to nearby countries, mainly to Syria, and African countries, mainly Ivory Coast, where demand for preform bottles is high, according to Jabali.

Preform plastics are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PETs are injection molded parts. Pure Plast imports this raw material from SABIC in Saudi Arabia and from other Gulf countries.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jan 05, 2015
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