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Waste management
plan approved
Closing of Nehmeh landfill postponed
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The Cabinet amended and approved a controversial waste management plan, last night, which extends Sukleen’s contract for three months, renewable once.

The deadline for closing the Nehmeh landfill in Abey-Ain Drafil Municipality, which was set for Saturday the 17th, was extended until April 17, 2015, renewable once.

The plan divides Lebanon into six blocks: Beirut and its suburbs; the North and Akkar; the South and Nabatieh; the Bekaa Valley and Baalbek-Hermel; Baabda, Chouf, and Aley; and Jbeil, Metn, and Kesrouan.

Two tenders will be held within two months, one for collection, sweeping, and transport and the other for waste treatment. Each contractor will be allowed to operate a maximum of two blocks. The contract term will be for seven years, with a possibility to renew for three years.

Contractors are expected to find a location for each block’s landfill and treatment facilities. If they fail to secure a location, they will receive the help of the Ministry of Environment and Council for Development and Reconstruction.

Sukleen handles the sweeping and collection of waste in Beirut and Mount Lebanon. The contract with Sukomi, Sukleen’s sister company, which handles waste treatment in Borj Hammoud and Nehmeh landfills was also renewed for the same period.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Jan 13, 2015
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