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Two new faculties at Lebanese University
Cost: $80 million, capacity: 1200 students
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The Cabinet approved a project to develop the Lebanese University (LU) today, by adding two faculties for Public Health in the Michel Sleiman Complex in Bohsas, Tripoli and the Pierre Gemayel complex in Fanar.

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) will finance the project with a $73 million loan and the government will provide the remaining $8.2 million. The Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) will manage the works.

“The agreement with IDB states that every year, the loan will be provided to build a faculty at the Tripoli Campus,” said Ali El Ali, Director General at LU’s Faculty of Arts and Architecture and the Technical Committee Coordinator responsible for executing the LU campus in Tripoli.

The loan provides for educational equipment, furniture and will be used to develop the curricula and consulting services.

The Arts, Engineering and Science faculties were finalized and four are in progress in the Tripoli campus: Law, Business Administration, Social Sciences, and Literature.

According to Hiba Mawlawi, Director General at the Faculty of Public Health in Tripoli, the capacity of the faculty will reach 600 students and provide eight specializations and six master’s degrees. The capacity of the Fanar faculty will also reach 600 students.

The project will include the implementation of departments for the Engineering, Architect, and Sciences faculties in the Tripoli complex and comprises the construction of internal roads, infrastructure, fences and parking for these faculties.

The initiation of the project depends on the date IDB signs the financial agreement, and after taking the approval from the Parliament. It should be completed within four years.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Feb 13, 2015
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