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Ihjoz digital ticketing network to launch
Plans to export the business model to the region
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The digital ticketing network ‘ihjoz’ launched its activities under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism. It is an online platform through which users may buy event tickets.

Unlike other e-ticketing platforms, ihjoz works with a network of partners allowing both online and offline ticket sales. “We are the first in the Middle East to create a digital distribution network for retailers to book and sell tickets,” said Sirine Tueni, Marketing Director.

ihjoz's distribution and payment network includes LibanPost, Cash United, OMT, Bank Audi, Khoury Home, Malik’s, and others. According to Tueni, the list of partners will be extended to cover other countries in the region.

ihjoz, which was established in December 2012 by Sami Tueni (CEO) and Bassam Tueni (co-founder), allows event organizers to sell, distribute, manage and control digital tickets easily. Payments are secured through Band Audi. It also provides offline cash payments through LibanPost, Cash United or OMT. ihjoz also makes tickets available through points of sale across the country, such as at Khoury Home, Malik’s and LibanPost. “The client can also request a ticket delivery to his home through LibanPost,” she said.

The platform’s fees follow the international self-service standard: $0.99 on each ticket sold, plus 2.5 percent of its price.

Tueni said that there is a high demand for events in the local market, especially small ones, whose organizers lack simple tools and marketplace to ticket their events efficiently.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Mar 09, 2015
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