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Two food safety laboratories to open
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The Lebanese Agricultural Research Institution (LARI), which is affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture, will open two laboratories in Fanar and Bekaa, later this year.

Both laboratories will be dedicated for daily examinations of bacteria in food. Michel Frem, Chairman of LARI, said: “The new laboratories will be dedicated for locally manufactured food and the existing ones will be for testing imported food.”
The laboratories will be equipped with high-tech machines that can test the specific types of bacteria in food and how to prevent it.

Investment in both laboratories will reach $1 million including the cost of construction and equipment. The total space of each laboratory is 200 square meters. The laboratories will comply with international standards and will gain European accreditation. Together, they will create around ten jobs.

Frem said that these laboratories were planned only a year ago, but the campaign launched by the Ministry of Public Health ensured the importance of finalizing them rapidly.

“The food safety campaign increased the demand on the laboratory services, as we were working two shifts,” said Frem.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Mar 11, 2015
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