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One million new
mobile phone lines
First phase starts with 200,000
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The Ministry of Telecom has announced the launching of one million new mobile phone lines, using the code ‘81’.

The first phase of the implementation of the decision will introduce 100,000 line to each of the mobile operators Alfa and Touch. Lines will be activated as soon as the technical pilot phase will be completed. Alfa will use numbers 81200000 to 81299999, while Touch will use numbers from 81600000 to 81699999.

According to Marwan Hayek, Chairman of the board of Alfa, the pilot phase will take one or two weeks until both operators and Ogero finish the configuration of the new lines.

“There is a current need for at least 50,000 new lines per operator and the first 200,000 lines will cater to the demand of two to three months,” he said.

MOT said that this decision answers the need to enlarge the mobile telephony network in the country due to increasing demand.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Mar 25, 2015
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