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Phoenicia University opens in Zahrani
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Phoenicia University (PU), a non-profit, private university was established in Zahrani. Academic courses will start in September. The university is owned by the Phoenicia Association headed by Randa Berri.

The cost of investment in the university exceeded $20 million. The total space of the land plot is 110,000 square meters with a built-up area of 33,000 m2. Imad Zbib, President of Phoenicia University, said: “There are future plans to increase the built up area of the campus.”

The PU campus is able to accept 4,000 students. The university created around 100 job opportunities including teachers and administrative staff. Zbib said all teachers hold PHD’s and have experience from reputable universities.

The university comprises four faculties: the colleges of Business, Law and Political Science, Arts and Sciences, and Engineering. Two other faculties will be opened in 2016, including health sciences. The engineering faculty offers petroleum, software, mechanical and electrical majors. The college of business provides all business majors as well as masters degrees in business administration and executive masters in business administration. The faculty of arts and sciences provides biology, chemistry, computer science, among others. The faculty of law will provide degrees in Lebanese and American legal systems. PU will provide a nutrition major, which is related to the faculty of health sciences.

Zbib, said: “Many of the majors are made available for the first time in Lebanon, including software engineering, operations and supply chain management, and law provided in English.”

The university will also host a school of continuing education, which offers certificate diplomas.

Zbib said PU aims to reflect the contemporary needs of the job market while giving its students access to wide-ranging opportunities for learning.

In addition to classrooms, PU facilities include offices, labs, libraries and residential accommodations, in addition to sports facilities and courts, a gym, a commercial space, and a prayer room.

Registration is now open and assessment exams will be conducted.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Apr 09, 2015
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