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Eight new ‘mecanique’ centers by year’s end
Fees paid by citizens will change
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The Traffic and Vehicle Management Authority is finalizing the terms of reference to launch an international tender for the establishment, operation, and transfer of eight new vehicle inspection ‘mecanique’ centers.

The centers will be located in Kuweikhat-Akkar, Tripoli, Jbeil, Shouf, Nabatieh, Tyr, Rashaya, and Baalbek, according to Ayman Abdel Ghafour, Head of the Financial Department at the Authority.

“The land plots are offered by the municipalities and the State will expropriate any private lots required for their establishment,” he said.

The term of the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) contract is ten years, non renewable. “However, considering the country’s past experience and in uncontrollable circumstances, the contract might be renewed,” he said. The contract of the current Saudi operator Fal had expired at the end of 2012, but it has since been renewed several times. Its final extension ends on June 30.

Only one operator will win the BOT contract for all the new centers, as well as the present ones, which are located in Hadat, Zahle, Majdlaya, and Ghaziyeh, according to Abdel Ghafour.

He said: “The annual returns for the Treasury will remain fixed at $4.7 million.” The profit and operational cost of the new operator will change, leading to a change in the fees paid by the citizens. The winner of the contract will set the new fees for vehicle inspections.
The Authority is waiting for the remarks of concerned ministries, in order to discuss and include them in the terms of reference before raising them to the Tenders Department. “We do not expect the overall process to take more than two to three months,” said Abdel Ghafour.

The Authority is also studying the possibility of extending working hours from four p.m. to seven p.m., in order to reduce congestion at the inspection centers.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Apr 21, 2015
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