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Ksara and Kefraya export
40,000 wine bottles to China
To penetrate the world’s
largest market
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Chateaux Ksara and Kefraya will export 40,000 bottles of wine to China. Ksara in its first order to Beijing and Jilin, exported 12,000 bottles.

Elie Maamari, Export Manager at Chateau Ksara, said: “There is a large potential in the Chinese market, as it has the largest population.”

The Chinese consumption of wine is nine liters per capita, compared to two liters locally, per year. “There is good demand for wine in China,” said Maamari.

Chateaux Kefraya aims to export 24,000 bottles to China in the coming months. Emile Majdalani, Commercial Director of Chateau Kefraya, said: “We are communicating with several importers to penetrate this market.” He said that they have great expectations from the purchasing power of the Chinese.

According to Maamari, red wine is the most demanded wine in China, followed by white wine, while demand for Rosé is limited. Retail prices for the local wine in China are similar to those in Europe and the United States, ranging from $4 to $25 per bottle.

Wine producers will participate in the coming wine fairs in China, to introduce new suppliers and increase the amounts exported. Majdalani said that they also have plans to export their wines to India.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Apr 23, 2015
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