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The Sophia Hotel in
Gemmayzeh by Beirut Homes
55 room boutique hotel
to be opened in 2019
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The Sophia Hotel will open in Gemmayzeh in 2019. Owner, Beirut Homes, is finalizing permits that ensure it maintains the historic aspect of the area in its design. It will break ground next year.

Beirut Homes is a hospitality group that owns four other hotels: The Standard I, The Standard II, The Living, which are furnished apartments in Beirut, and The Smallville hotel in Badaro. Beirut Homes is part of Beam Developers, founded by Nadim Fakhry.

The Sophia Hotel will be a four- or five-star property said Karim Fakhry, architect at Domaine Public Architects, designers of the project.

It will have nine aboveground floors and five basement floors. The total built-up area is 3,300 square meters. The hotel will feature 55 rooms and other amenities, including a rooftop gym and restaurant. Investment in the project totals $14 million.

Fakhry said that Gemmayzeh has a high potential and is underserved in terms of hotels. “Tourists like this area. It is close to downtown and has its own cachet,” he said.

According to Fakhry, the company’s next business plan will be to export the hospitality experience. “We will expand either The Sophia or The Smallville, but we are still exploring opportunities as to where and how,” he said.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: May 12, 2015
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