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Al Taghziah will expand and relocate to Dibbiyeh
Production to double and new products to be introduced
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Al Taghziah, a manufacturer of frozen and canned cold cuts and pickles, will open a factory in Dibbiyeh in 2017.

Malek Halawani, Chairman, said: “We will relocate our 4,000 square meter factory from Choueifat, as its production capacity is no longer able to meet market demand.”

The $15 million project will have a total built-up area of 23,000 m2 and will create around 100 full time jobs, in addition to its current headcount of 170.

The facility is expected to double its production capacity. “There is a growing local demand for our products due to the presence of Syrian refugees,” said Halawani.

Halawani said that new varieties, such as nuggets, will be introduced by the new factory.

Al Taghziah exports around 65 percent of its production to 14 Arab and African countries, as well as Australia and Venezuela.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: May 14, 2015
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