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Results for solid waste
retendering announced
No offers received for Beirut. Naameh landfill
will not shutdown as planned on July 17
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The Ministry of Environment announced prequalified companies yesterday, in a repeated tender for the management and treatment of solid waste.

Eleven local and international companies are competing to win contracts in five of six service areas.

Beirut received no offers for the second time in a row. The ministry will hold the tender for the Beirut area for a third time before raising the file to the Council of Ministers for its decision on the matter.

The third service area, which includes Chouf and parts of Aley and Baabda, received two offers: the first is a partnership between the Spanish Hera and local South for Construction, and the second is between the Romanian Vitalia and local Consolidated Engineering and Trading (CET).

Two offers were also qualified for the North and Akkar: The first is a joint venture among local Batco, Lavajet, and Italian Daneco. The second is a coalition between Al Jihad for Commerce and Contracting and Bulgarian Soriko.

Four companies were accepted for the the South. These are: Local Yamen and French Saterm, the Kuwaiti National Cleaning Company and local Water Resource and Development (WARD), Al Jihad and Soriko, and Danash-Lavajet-Daneco.

For the Bekaa, Baalbek and Hermel, three were accepted: WARD- National Cleaning Company, Daneco-Spanish Impiente-Khoury Contracting-Lavajet, and the Al Jihad-Soriko-Hammoud Establishment for Trading.

No tender for the Metn, Kesrouan, and Jbeil was repeated because three offers were accepted during the first round. These are Butec-Indevco-Pizano, Araco-Soriko, and Lavajet-Khoury-Daneco. The results of the first tender were announced in May.

Candidates may apply to all service areas but are only allowed to operate two. Winners must find a location for the filling and treatment of waste.

The final results will be announced as soon as possible, according to Youssef Doughan, advisor to the MOE. “The ministry hired Fitchner, a German engineering and consultancy firm, to speed up the process.”

With the help of the consultant, the ministry will appoint a contractor for each service area.

Minister Mohammad Machnouk said the Naameh landfill will not close as planned on July 17. "But it will receive a maximum of 600 tons instead of 3,000 tons [of waste] daily," he said. The remainder of the waste will have to be managed by the municipalities in some other way.

Machnouk said there are more than 760 dump sites across the country.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Jul 14, 2015
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