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Guesthouse chain launched
‘Beit’ outlets in rural areas
Founder of Souk El Tayyeb partners with owners

of traditional homes for B&B experience

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Kamal Mouzawak, founder of the ‘Tawlet’ restaurant and the ‘Souk El Tayeb’ weekly farmers’ market, has launched ‘Beit’, a chain of guesthouses with three outlets. “We aim to support rural communities and the survival of the country’s architectural and cultural heritage,” said Mouzawak. He said that with this project they are trying to bring back the traditional national home.

The first outlet, ‘Beit Ammiq’ opened three weeks ago. It consists of three rooms adjacent to ‘Tawlet’ Ammiq. Rates for the double-room occupancy are $120 and $80 for the single occupancy.

The second, ‘Beit Douma’, opened last week in Douma village, Batroun Caza. Batroun area. It has six rooms in a renovated 19th century house, with several seating areas and gardens. The Douma project is in partnership with designer Roger Keyrouz. Investment in the project is around $400,000. Rooms are available at $150 per night.

The third property is ‘Beit El Qamar’ in Deir El Qamar. When it opens in mid-September, the guesthouse will consist of seven guest rooms, three living rooms and a franchised Tawlet restaurant. The house is owned by the Feghali and Boustany families and will be run by Rony Feghali. Investment in the project is $800,000.

“Domestic tourism is behind the market activity and dynamism,” said Mouzawak. “Tradition is useful and profitable,” he said.

Mouzawak said that his plan entails replicating the Beit Douma guesthouse model in various regions across the country.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Jul 31, 2015
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