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One-stop-shops to sell
various telecom services
Centers are expected to make these services more accessible to customers
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The Ministry of Telecom (MoT) today inaugurated 13 one-stop-shops offering various telecom services provided jointly by Ogero, Touch, and Alfa.

The centers provide locals and tourists with landline telephony services, as well as mobile lines, and DSL. They also offer the possibility to pay bills and prepaid subscriptions fees. The MOT said that through these centers, telecom services will be within the reach of a greater number of users.

The centers belong to Ogero, which operates them on behalf and under the supervision of the MoT.

So far, the country has 15 similar shops located inElissar, Badaro, Hazmieh, Aley, Chekka, Jdeideh, Antelias, Mazraa, Batroun, Amioun, Douma, Tannourine, Becharri, Zgharta, and Saida.

The ministry said that 37 one-stop-shops are planned to become operational by the end of the month.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Aug 03, 2015
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