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Three electrical substations
will become ready in 2017
Matelec contract valued at $108 million
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Construction works on three power substations in Bahsas-Tripoli, Mdawar-Ashrafieh, and the southern suburbs, have begun by Matelec, the contracted company.

The new substations will have the capacity to produce 220 kilovolts of electric output. Construction of the substations is expected to be delivered in early 2017. The consultant on the project is DEP Partners.

The contract was won by the local Matelec after being tendered in January 2014 at a value of $108 million. This project is part of the emergency plan the Parliament approved in 2011 to produce 700 megawatts of power and establish a transport network.

According to the contract, Matelec is to establish three other power substations and restore five others.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Sep 03, 2015
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