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Kababji opens
in the UAE
A series of outlets will launch all over the GCC countries
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Kababji’s first branch was soft-opened in the UAE at the Dubai Marina, as a debut for several branches to be opened by Eathos, the company that received Kababji’s regional franchise for the whole GCC area.

“It’s only the beginning,” said Eddy Massaad, General Manager. “The second branch will open at Al Ghurair Mall in Dubai at the end of February and the third will open at Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, in mid-December.” Massaad said that Kababji will open in KSA next.

The restaurant’s first local outlet was opened in 1993 in Jounieh, followed by branches in Jal El Dib, Zouk, Hamra, Ashrafieh, Bliss Street and Khaldeh.

Lucid Investment Corporation, a Beirut-based investment bank specialized in private equity, backed Kababji’s two outlets in Hazmieh and downtown Beirut. More than six outlets are expected locally in the next two to four years, with two shops at least in 2016, depending on suitable locations.

Kababji will also be expanding in the region and Western countries within the seven upcoming years. Lucid purchased a majority stake of 70 percent in the food chain last year to support it in its expansion plan.

Eathos Integrated Solutions started as a UK-based company in 1995 and was established in Dubai in early 2004.
Reported by Walid Merhi
Date Posted: Nov 13, 2015
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