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Industrial City opens
in South Saida
A partitioned land of 11 lots available for lease
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An industrial city has been finalized in the industrial zone of South Saida this month. The Model Partitioned Industrial City is owned by business entrepreneur Samir El Kotob.

The land plot spans an area of 27,000 square meters. It is partitioned into 11 industrial lots, each of which ranges between 1,600 m2 and 1,900 m2. The industrial city is prepared with the required infrastructure, including roads, electricity and telephone networks, as well as waste treatment and sewage system.

Investment in the industrial city exceeded $20 million, including the cost of the land.

The industrial city will be dedicated for industries of all categories, excluding cement. El Kotob said that he will lease the lots for 25 years, but he will not sell any.

El Kotob said that the lease price per 1,000 m2 starts from $12,000 per year. Leasing prices increase ten percent every three years.

El Kotob has already leased five lots to an aluminum and glass factory, a packaging center, a printing house, a hydraulic pistons facility, and a warehouse.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Dec 08, 2015
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