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Cosmetics factory
in Bchamoun
To export 90 percent of production
to Gulf and Europe
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Beesline, manufacturer of cosmetics since 1993, will open a factory in the industrial zone of Bchamoun later this year.

The factory will produce soaps, deodorants, lip care, and creams, including 100 tons of whitening cream per month.

The company expects to export around 90 percent of its production to Gulf and European countries.

Investment in the 4,000 square meter factory is $10 million. The company gained a Kafalat subsidized loan from Fransabank to build the factory.

The factory is ISO certified and the company is in the process of gaining the Good Manufacturing Product (GMP) and the Saudi Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certificates.

The factory is expected to create around 100 job opportunities. Arayssi said that the staff will include a pharmacist as well as biochemistry professionals.

Beesline is owned by the pharmacists Mohamad and Maha Arayssi.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jan 04, 2016
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