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Beirut municipality buys
six land plots for $200 million
To be used for slaughterhouse,
vegetable markets, parking lots
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The Municipality of Beirut purchased six land plots to carry out several development projects. The total cost amounted to $200 million, according to Mayor Bilal Hamad.

The plots are in Corniche El Mazraa, Tarik El Jdideh, Hamra, Ashrafieh, Chiah, and Choueifat.

The land plot in Chiah is adjacent to the 40-year-old fruit and vegetable market. “We will expand the market into the new plot and renovate it,” he said. Abdulwahed Chehab is the main architect for this project.

In Choueifat, the 50,000 square meter plot will be used to erect a modern slaughterhouse. Khaled Chehab Office is the project’s architect.

“The remaining plots in Corniche el Mazraa, Hamra, and Ashrafieh will be developed into parking structures to solve the parking crisis in these heavily populated areas,” he said. The land plot in Tarik El Jdideh will be turned into a fruit and vegetable market.

To avoid bureaucracy, the municipality asked the Court of Accounts for advice. “It asked us to appoint three valuation experts and refer the lowest price to it for approval,” Hamad said. The Court then appointed its own committee for sworn experts, which was able to obtain even lower prices.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Jan 22, 2016
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