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To Russia
with garbage
CDR confirms export rate of $125 per ton
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Russia has accepted Chinook Urban Mining’s request to receive Lebanon’s trash, Nabil Jisr, Chairman of the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR), said.

“We have started to look into the documents put forth by Chinook,” Jisr said. If the documents are complete, the file will be referred to the Council of Ministers for approval.

The cost of export alone will amount to $125 per ton. “Sweeping, collection, treatment, and transport to the port will bring the total to $212,” he said.

Russia would receive waste not older than 45 days, without extensive treatment. “All the remaining waste that has accumulated since July of last year will be treated at the Karantina and Amroussieh treatment plants and then transported to Russia,” he said.

The Government green lighted the export of garbage in December. Two companies, British Chinook Urban Mining and Dutch Howa B.V. were selected to manage the transport and treatment of waste. The Dutch firm later withdrew its bid, leaving Chinook as the only company to handle the crisis.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Feb 01, 2016
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