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Free waste treatment
proposed by Murr for Metn
Almost free. Plant on land plot
next to Burj Hammoud dumpster
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The development of a solid waste treatment facility to serve the Metn district will begin within the coming few months, Parliament Member and former Minister of Interior Michel Murr said.

The project will be established on six plots of maritime public property in Burj Hammoud. Antranik Marsilian, Mayor of Burj Hammoud, said: “The plots are right next the current dumpster.” The developer is a Lebanese businessman living in Australia. His identity has not been revealed.

Murr said: “The paperwork needs Government approval. Once obtained, implementation may begin within two weeks, as the Union of Northern Metn Municipalities has already granted its consent.”

The price of solid waste treatment at the plant will be $25 per ton for the first year and $15 for the second. “The remaining 15 years of the contract will be free of charge,” Murr said. The company in charge of the project will start paying municipalities $12 per ton as of the fifth year, according to the contract.

Abdul Hafiz Kaissi, Director General of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MoPWT), said: “This kind of project requires a decree by the Council of Ministers, because it will be developed on public property.” It would also need the approval of the MoPWT, because maritime property falls under its jurisdiction. Murr said that the Ministry of Interior’s approval is needed because it is in charge of municipal affairs. A source at the General Directorate of Municipal and Village Affairs at the Ministry of Interior said it has not yet received the request.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Feb 25, 2016
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