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Four airliners start
routes to Beirut
Two passenger
and two cargo companies
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Swiss passenger airline company, Germania Flug AG, announced a new direct route to Beirut.

Walid Temsah, Chairman of local tourism agency Tala Tours, said: “We are announcing the launch of the only direct route between Zurich and Beirut at a rate of two flights a week, every Monday and Friday.” The flights will take place all year round. “Businessmen and tourists will receive special treatment in addition to the time saved and distance shortened to periodically visit their friends and family,” he said.

Iraqi airline company FlyBaghdad has also started direct flights from and to Erbil. The airliner is making four trips weekly.

British firm Cargologic has also applied for a permit to make regular flights to Beirut Rafik Hariri International Airport (BRHIA). The Civil Aviation Department is expected to give its approval soon.

Turkish firm MNG Airlines has also started making regular cargo flights to BRHIA. “MNG used to serve Beirut opportunistically. Now it comes on a regular basis,” a civil aviation official said. The intensifying cargo traffic is due to the recent inauguration of the cargo center, according to the source. Cargologic and MNG Airlines have fleets of ten and nine planes, respectively, made of Airbus and Boeing planes.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: May 05, 2016
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