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Jihad Al Arab wins
Costa Brava tender
Bid value is over $60 million
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Jihad Al Arab’s company, Al Jihad for Commerce and Contracting, is the likely winner of a tender for the construction of a breakwater in Costa Brava, near Khaldeh. The contract also includes the transport of solid waste to the Costa Brava site and landfill operation for a period of four years.

“This is the preliminary result. The ministerial committee in charge of the solid waste tenders and the Council for Development and Reconstruction will study our offer for the last time and announce the result officially next week,” Al Arab said.

Dany Khoury, Chairman of Khoury Contracting Co., said: “All the bids were over $60 million.” Khoury, who also participated in the tender, had a bid of $80 million with Value Added Tax.

“The Costa Brava landfill will have a capacity of 1.5 million tons of waste received from Beirut and the southern suburbs,” said Al Arab.

“We will participate in the Bourj Hammoud tender as it matters to us more than Costa Brava, because it is nearer to our area of operations,” said Khoury.

Araco and Khoury Contracting are two out of the six companies that participated in the tender.

Sukleen issued a statement today saying that Naameh landfill has shut down operations, as per the Council of Ministers’ decision. The company will only access it to do some maintenance and work on raising the generation capacity of the power plant from half a megawatt to seven megawatts.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: May 18, 2016
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