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Right & Rights wins OSN’s
exclusive distribution rights
Distributor in talks with 40 French TV channels
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Right & Rights (R&R) has signed an agreement with the Dubai-based pay TV network OSN for the exclusive distribution of all OSN channels on the local market.

R&R, which is involved in media aggregation and sublicensing of TV services, will distribute OSN content through its sister company ECOnet and other local distribution platforms. The deal covers distribution through wireless networks, cable, and other systems.

The contract is for six years and could be renewed after this period, said Joseph Maalouf, Chairman and Director General of Right & Rights and ECOnet.

In the agreement’s first stage R&R will sell the TV service rights to distribution platforms in bulk, before creating packages, said Maalouf.

They are in talks with about 40 French TV channels to get exclusive distribution rights.

According to Maalouf, R&R also aims to obtain a distribution deal from the beIN SPORTS TV network, which does not give exclusive distribution rights.

Cablevision was the distributor of OSN content on the local market but its contract expired. It will now have to buy the rights from R&R like any other distribution platforms.

ECOnet, which is investing in a technology platform to improve the service, provides monthly subscriptions to consumers for LL23,000 ($15.3). Maalouf said they will offer subscribers the option to get the service on additional receivers at a cost of LL3,000 ($2) per receiver.

There is strong local demand for OSN content that includes exclusive programs, said Elie Kawkabani, Vice President for Emerging Markets and Business Development at OSN.

OSN deals with more than 150 channels. It has exclusive rights from international studios like Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney, MGM, NBC Universal and HBO. OSN offers access to international television brands that include Disney channel, Sky News, Discovery Network, and National Geographic.
Reported by Shikrallah Nakhoul
Date Posted: Jun 22, 2016
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