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Five new restaurants
by Boubess Group in Souks
Concepts are franchisable
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Boubess Group will launch five new restaurant concepts in Beirut Souks before the end of this year.

Hady Fadel, Corporate Marketing Manager, said: “There is a future possibility to sell franchises and to expand in other areas.”

The Corner, with burgers as its core catering, will be located on a roof in the Souks. The diner, with a capacity of around 250 people, will open in early September.

Café Libanais will open on Ajami Street in two months. Occupying the original location of City Café, the 250-people venue will serve Lebanese cuisine and mezzeh.

The Café Centre-Ville, serving international cuisine, has room for 350 people. It will open in early October.

The group is also gearing up to open two further concepts in the Souks, which are expected to open within six months.

“There is room for these new brands in the core of the city,” Fadel said.

According to Raja Nasri, Chairman of Turnkey Ventures, a hospitality consultancy firm, investment required for five restaurants in Beirut Central District is on average $10 million. It can start from $1.5 million for casual restaurants and reach up to three million dollars for high-end restaurants.

The Boubess Group aims to use these new concepts as a springboard to expand abroad in the near future.

The group incorporates a number of companies which operate in the leisure industry, particularly restaurants, hotels, health clubs, and spas. La Piazza, Le Relais de l'Entrecôte, Scoozi, Bob's, and Napoletana are part of the Boubess restaurant network.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jul 08, 2016
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