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LC Waikiki
to open several stores
$15 million investment in ten locations
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National Retailers Group (NRG), chaired by Nabil Gebrael, will open the first of ten LC Waikiki clothing stores at Citymall, Dora, in September.

“The initial store will be followed by locations in Tripoli as well as Sour (Tyr) to truly capture the extremities of the country,” said Gebrael.

After the introduction phase, LC Waikiki will open in key strategic locations such as Hamra, Bekaa, and in major malls including Beirut City Center.

NRG was established this year as a master franchisee of the LC Waikiki brand. “We expect investments to touch $15 million in the next four years,” said Gebrael.

Although of French origins, the brand has been owned by a Turkish company since 1985. After rapid growth, it became the market leader in the Turkish retail industry by 2004. LC Waikiki has expanded into 27 countries, with 560 stores in 173 cities.

NRG will eventually employ as many as 300 staff, from in-store front of house to the back office.

Gebrael said that NRG is also in negotiations to bring a French brand into the local market.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Jul 21, 2016
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