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SGS consortium
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Ten-year contract valued at $440 million
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A consortium of Société Générale de Surveillance and Autospect has won an international tender for the establishment, operation, and transfer of eight new vehicle inspection ‘mécanique’ centers.

The centers will be located in Kuweikhat-Akkar, Tripoli, Jbeil, Shouf, Nabatieh, Tyr, Rashaya, and Baalbek. The new operator will also be in charge of the present centers, which are located in Hadat, Zahlé, Majdlaya, and Ghaziyeh.

The value of the contract is $44 million per year. The contract term is for ten years, bringing the total to $440 million. “This consortium offered the least price after competing with another consortium led by the Doumit company,” Jean Ellieh, Director General of the Public Procurement Administration-Tenders Department said.

Five other consortia participated in the tender. They were led by Danash, Bureau Veritas, Applus, and Saudi Fal. The latter is the previous operator of the inspection centers.

Ellieh said: “Bureau Veritas was the first to be excluded during the administrative assessment phase because more than a third of its shares are not Lebanese.” Saudi Fal, Danash, and Applus were rejected in the technical assessment phase because experts judged they did not meet the minimum conditions.

Doumit’s tender offer was $44.6 million.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Jul 29, 2016
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