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Aluminum strips
factory to open in Bekaa
Investment estimated at $3 million
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Establishment George Dib (EGD) will open a weather strips aluminum accessories factory in the Bekaa this month.

Investment in the factory is estimated at three million dollars. It will have a total built-area of 1,200 square meters (m2).

Weather strips are presently imported to Lebanon from China and Europe. The opening of the new factory is thought to be a game changer for the sector here. George Dib, major shareholder, said: “The local market lacks this kind of industry. Saudi Arabia is the sole country that manufactures these items in the MENA region.”

The fully automated machines that will be used in the manufacturing process were imported from Korea. Production capacity will be 1.5 million linear meters per month.

“The entire production can fulfill the market’s needs,” said Dib. The company will export part of the production to Cyprus and Turkey.

EGD was the owner of Alutex, which once manufactured aluminum profiles but has since closed down. The company also owns a factory that assembles and installs aluminum windows and doors.

“We already have our clients and contacts. Through them we can market our products,” Dib said.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Aug 02, 2016
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