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Pasta factory
opened in Baalbeck
Production rates

to reach 4,500 tons annually

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Somas Establishment, a recently established company, has opened a factory for the production of spaghetti and vermicelli, which it will distribute under the brand name ‘Senor’.

Investment in the Baalbeck-based factory is around four million dollars. Mohamad Moussawi, Managing Partner, said that the company borrowed a subsidized loan to complete the project.

The built-up area of the factory is 1,000 square meters (m2). The plant is equipped with fully automated machines imported from Italy and will have a production capacity of 4,500 tons of pasta per year.

The factory will also package a wide range of grains, and flour that has been ground from local wheat. Production output will reach 8,000 tons per year for each product.

Somas will distribute its entire product range to various regions locally. It has assigned the Makkieh International Group, a FMCG company, to distribute its products.

“We are manufacturing according to international standards. In later phases, we aim to export part of the production,” said Moussawi.

The opening of Somas Establishment has created around 40 full time jobs.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 14, 2016
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