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Online platform for local wine launched
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209 Lebanese Wine, a new online e-commerce platform (www.209lebanesewine.com), was launched earlier month by Selim Yasmine, Co-Founder of 209 Sal.

The platform includes an online shop for Lebanese wine and a blog that provides advice to customers on how to match types of wine with different types of food.

The company 209 signed contracts with 35 local wineries to provide all their types of wine that are available on the market. Yasmine said that they will sign contracts with the remaining ten wineries very soon.

Customers have the option to pay for the wine cash on delivery, or by credit card payment online. Prices will be similar to the retail prices.

The delivery service, which is provided the company, will take two days and will be free-of-charge to begin with. Yasmine said that customers will be charged five dollars for express delivery inside Greater Beirut, which takes just one day. Delivery prices beyond Beirut will be similar to Aramex prices.

The company has prepared a warehouse in Hazmieh for storing the wine and to be able to deliver the products more quickly to the customers.

209 will also start a digital, online, and one to one marketing campaign to market the platform.

“E-commerce platforms are evolving and growing rapidly, so we are optimistic about the results,” said Yasmine.

He also said that if the project succeeded, several online projects will follow it next year.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Oct 14, 2016
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