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'Beit’ guesthouse
goes to Nabatieh
'Tawlet Saida’ signs

agreement with Hariri Foundation

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Beit, a chain of guesthouses, will open in late 2017 its fourth property in Zefta, near Nabatieh. This follows three existing properties in Douma in the North, Ammiq in West Bekaa, and El Qamar in the Shouf region. The 12-room Zefta guesthouse will be located in a renovated traditional house.

Beit was founded by Kamal Mouzawak, who is behind the ‘Tawlet’ restaurant chain, and ‘Souk El Tayeb’ weekly farmers’ market.

An agreement has also been signed with the Rafic Hariri Foundation to establish ‘Tawlet Saida’. The restaurant will be located in the old souks besides Khan el Franj and is expected to launch in March 2017.

The Hariri Foundation has injected around $500,000 into the two-floor initiative. Mouzawak said that Tawlet will provide technical knowhow, project development, and the management systems.

20 women from Saida, including Palestinians, Syrians, are being trained by Tawlet in traditional cuisine preparation. The restaurant will have the capacity to host 70 guests daily.

Beit is working on launching three more guesthouses in the North and Mount Lebanon in the near future.

Last month, Beit was awarded ‘Cutting Edge Hospitality Company of the Year’ by Lebanon Opportunities.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Nov 11, 2016
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