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Cabinet finally declared
with elections as first goal
Veteran politicians,

some technocrats, one female

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After 47 days of trying, a Government of 29 ministers plus its Premier have been appointed. With the exception of the Kataeb party, all political groups have been represented.

The portfolios that significantly impact the economy had the following ministers appointed:

Ghassan Hasbani, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, is a former Booz consultant, and Executive President of International Operations at Saudi Telecom Company

Marwan Hamadeh, Minister of Education. A veteran politician and Member of Parliament several times, he has held the highest number of ministries in the past, including Health, Economy, Tourism, Social Affairs, Displaced, and Telecom.

Ghazi Zeaiter, Minister of Agriculture, has been a Member of Parliament for several mandates. He was previously appointed minister of Defense, Social Affairs, and Public works and Transport.

Michel Pharaon, Minister of State in charge of Planning, has been Member of Parliament for several mandates. He has been appointed minister several times, including Minister of State for Parliament Relations, Minister of State for Administrative Development, and Minister of Tourism. He owns a number of companies in insurance, pharmaceuticals, media, and the trade of electronics and white goods.

Ali Hassan Khalil, Minister of Finance, is incumbent to the same post and a career politician. He has been elected Member of Parliament for several mandates and has been the minister of Agriculture and Health.

Hussein Hajj Hassan, Minister of Industry, is incumbent to the post. A Member of Parliament for several mandates, he was a Minister of Agriculture.

Mohamed Kabbara, Minister of Labor, is a Member of Parliament for several mandates.

Jamal Jarrah, Minister of Telecom, is a Member of Parliament and a former banker at BankMed.

Nicolas Tueni, Minister of State in charge of Combating Corruption, is the founder of Omatra in Lebanon and several Arab countries, which is a company specialized in the supply of commercial vehicles, construction and industrial equipment.

Tarek Khatib, Minister of the Environment, is the head of the Municipality of Hasrout (in the Kharroub sector in the Shouf).

Inaya Ezzedine, Minister of Administrative Development., is the only female cabinet member. Ezzedine is a medical doctor specialized in pathology. She owns and manages a pathology laboratory.

Youssef Finianos, Minister of Public Works and Transport, is a lawyer.

Melhem Riachi, Minister of Information, is a veteran journalist, communication specialist, author, and university lecturer.

Pierre Abi Assi, Minister of Social Affairs, is a businessman with most of his career abroad. He came back to the country in 2011 to work in politics.

Avedis Guidanian, Minister of Tourism, is the General Manager of Voice of Van, an Armenian radio station.

Cesar Abi Khalil, Minister of Power and Water. This can be viewed as a promotion of sorts, since his last job was an adviser to the ministry of the same portfolio.

Raed Khoury, Minister of Economy and Trade is the Chairman of Cedrus Bank and was previously at Bank Audi, Barclays, and Fidus

Salim Jreissati, Minister of Justice, is a lawyer. He is a former member of the Constitutional Council and a former Minister of Labor
Date Posted: Dec 19, 2016
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