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$2.8 billion needed
for Syrian refugees
Taskforce includes

public sector, donors, NGOs

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The Ministry of Social Affairs (MSA) is preparing to launch the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2017-2020. The Task Force on Support to Host Communities gathers more than 30 partners, including the UN, NGOs and governmental organizations. It is co-chaired by UNDP and UNHCR, together with the Prime Minister's Office and MoSA. The plan has assessed that in 2017 alone the needed requirements will cost $2.8 billion.

LCRP 2017-2020 has yet to be announced. It will be launched along with a financial tracking system separate from that of the UN.

The plan is divided into ten sectors: Basic assistance, food security, education, shelter, protection, livelihoods, social stability, water, energy, and health.

The task force plans to raise the basic survival needs of refugees and strengthen social safety nets. LCRP is calling for around $572 million to fulfill these goals.

An additional $507 million is planned to support food security, particularly access, availability, utilization, and stabilization. The Ministry will ask for $373 million to improve access, quality, and managerial capacities in the educational system. LCRP is highlighting the health sector more than it has in previous years. Its aim is to dedicate a targeted budget of $308 million to improving access to Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs), outbreak control, child and youth health, as well as access to advanced referral care.

At a budget of $330 million, LCRP hopes to provide access to sufficient and safe water for drinking and domestic use with reduced health and environmental impacts from unsafe wastewater management.

Around $711 million will be required for energy, shelter, protection, social stability, and livelihoods. LCRP aims to provide equitable access to electricity for vulnerable host communities and refugees. It also plans to enhance access to affordable and appropriate shelter to the minimum standards.

LCRP will also work toward stimulating local economic development to create income-generating opportunities. Funds will be poured to strengthen municipal capacities and their ability to mitigate tensions.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Jan 11, 2017
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