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Casino du Liban to tap
online gambling and gaming
Minimum of $15 million

needed in investment

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Casino du Liban, a gaming and entertainment establishment, aims to launch an online gaming platform. The venture will be in partnership with an international company. A tender has been launched with a deadline of January 19 to submit the proposals.

The winning bid will be required to introduce and manage the online presence in all forms of gaming and sports betting. The bidder should also have experience in the online gaming field.

The terms of reference states that bidders “should be already generating their own revenues of not less than $650 million, of which 75 percent should be from gaming and gambling activities.” It also states that the winning bidder “should be committed to investing a minimum of $15 million.”

No laws exist yet in the country to regulate online gambling.

Casino du Liban has exclusive rights for gambling. There are more than 700 gaming and entertainment centers operating illegally. Casino du Liban filed a lawsuit at the State Shura Council against the State to preserve its exclusivity and push the State to enforce gaming laws.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jan 13, 2017
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