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Horserace track
to open in Zahleh
Will include restaurants, lakes
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A horserace track is being planned for Haouch el Omoura in Zahleh. The project will include four food and beverage outlets. Investment is estimated at $4 million.

The project will be built on a 40,000 square meter (m2) plot, owned by three investors including Nicolas Nassif Maalouf, owner of Ammoury Holding, a real estate company.

The investors are in the process of preparing a study and will submit a license request to the municipality and the Office of Urban Planning. Construction is expected to start after receiving the license, and will open within one year thereafter, according to Saad Chaanine, project spokesperson. The project will be powered using solar energy.

“The location is ideal because there are a lot of stables in the Zahleh region,” he said.

Chanine said that the horseracing track and the other attractions are expected to increase tourism to the city.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Mar 13, 2017
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