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16 dumping complaints
from different sub-sectors
Protective measures being requested
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The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) has filed 16 dumping complaints to the Ministries of Industry, Economy and Trade, Council of Higher Customs, Finance, and Foreign Affairs.

The complaints relate to metal pipes, flour, berghol, confectionaries, pasta, dairy products, biscuits, marble tiles, cornflakes, foie gras, profiled aluminum, detergents, paper, sanitary products, poultry, and hunting pellets. Other companies are also preparing complaint files, mainly relating to the footwear and glass manufacturers.

Talal Hijazi, General Manager of ALI, said: “These products are imported in huge amounts, at prices lower than the local production cost.”

The products are mainly imported from Turkey, as well as from some Arab countries.

“These countries usually provide many incentives to industrialists and support their industry” he said.

Imports of metal pipes equated 4,800 tons in 2014, increasing to 6,000 tons in the first three months of 2017. Imports of flour were 12,500 tons in 2014. This number increased to 40,000 tons in 2016.

“Although the local production capacity reaches 50,000 per month, flour imports are still increasing,” said Hijazi.

Detergent imports have increased 646 percent in the last four years. The production capacity of local companies is 88,000 tons, but they only produced 27,000 tons in 2016.

Industrialists are calling on the government to take protective measures for products that compete with similar local products through imposing custom fees or obliging the trader to gain a previous import permit.

“Such a decision does not contradict the trade agreements we have signed, especially since we have proof that dumping is occurring. We need to treat the countries in the same way they are treating us,” Hijazi said.

A meeting between industrialists and the Ministry of Economy and Trade will be held Tuesday to discuss this issue.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jun 05, 2017
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